Book 1 (Volume 1) is the first book in Volume 1 and the first book of the entire sereis of "The Heroes of the Cosmos: The Super Squad. This book is about the creation of the Super Squad and their beginnings. The Supe Squad goes through dangerous terrains, and have many adventures in the city of Timeville. The team visits the Oceans and Sea Dimension and they even go to space! In this book, the main villain, Copy Cat, is introduced and first appears in the final chapter ("A New Enemy"). Previous Book: -none-

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List of ChaptersEditEdit

  1. New Heroes
  2. Raiders of Sunshine City
  3. Steamy Swamps and Vicious Volcanoes
  4. Rugged Rocks and Rainbow Runway
  5. Welcome to Timeville
  6. Super Heroes
  7. Dreams in Timeville
  8. Mayor Tempus
  9. The Disaster Master
  10. S.I.S.T.E.R
  11. The Underwater City
  12. Captain Xavier
  13. The Islanders
  14. Space Run
  15. A New Enemy