Inferno after Chapter 5

Inferno- flame

Inferno's powers

Inferno is the silent creature who first appeared in a swirling mass of fire. He is very silent and it is hard for him to show his emotions. He normally keeps a straight face and he has never laughed. Before Chapter 9, Inferno could only speak Latin, but he could understand English. He has the powers of fire, but he lacks control. He only has feelings for Roxy.

Name Inferno Protector of Earth's Flame
Gender Male
Age 14 (he was born when earth was created)
Hair Color Brown (wavy)
Eye Color ruby red
Nationality(ies) Roman
Hometown Pompeii
Birthplace Unknown



Rachel (unkown relationship):Edit

Inferno's relationship with Rachel is unkown. All that is known is that Inferno treats her like a sister for an unkown reason. Otherwise, the two hate each other because they fight each other. The reason is unkown.



Inferno's relationship with Ace is not that strong. However, he accepts Ace's offer to come home with him. IT is believed that the two of them are just friends.


Inferno and Roxy have a complicated relationship. Inferno has had feelings for Roxy ever since he first met her. Once he had enough courage to kiss her, he knew that she was in love with him. The two of them will hopefully stay together forever.

Will Guy: Edit

Inferno and Will Guy have a normal relationship. The two of them are just friends. They don't ever fight so that means they are just simple friends.


Inferno and Aquais are natural opossites (water and fire), but the two never fight. In fact, the two of them did very well together when they created the water and fire vortex thing in Timeville. However, the two of them are just friends.

Powers and Abilities:Edit



Inferno uses his powers of fire to fight his enemies. He can create fire out of his fists and shot fire balls at targets. He is the most powerful of all the Super Squad because he had his powers prior to the series. When angered he tends to spew fire at enemies. However, he lacks control of his fire powers.


Incineration Power:Edit

Inferno's Incineration Power allows him to pull fire, not lave, out of volcanoes or the ground (magma underneath the earth). Also his Incineration Power enhances his fire powers so that it does double the power.

Transformation Sequence:

A sillohette of Inferno is seen against a bright red and orange background. Fire begins to swirl around him from his feet to his head. As the fire passes his body, his first super hero form meterializes onto him. Once its complete, a burst of red light brings white sneakers onto his feet. Inferno strikes a pose and he is in his full first superhero form outfit.