King Oceanus II and Queen Aquamarine VII are the ruling king and queen of the Oceans and Sea Dimension.

King Oceanus IIEdit


King Oceanus II is a very kind king. He shows hospitality to the Super Squad and even lets them have brunch with them. He is considered very strong and a great king of Atlantis. He even gives Tess water-based powers just because she was part of the family. He deeply loves his wife, Queen Aquamarine VII.

Queen Aquamarine VIIEdit


Queen Aquamarine VII is a very sympathetic person. She is shown to be very kind, especially to her son. She could tell who her son was among the crowds of hundreds, even though she hadn't seen him since he was 2 years old. She loves her son and her husband, King Oceanus II, very much.

Trait King Oceanus II Queen Aquamarine VII
Powers water, power-transfer water
Hair Color Blond Auburn
Eye Color Blue Blue


Alliances Super Squad, Atlantis Super Squad, Atlantis
Relationships Queen Aquamarine VII (wife), Aquais (son), Tess ("adoptive" daughter), Emma (daughter) King Oceanus II (husband), Aquais (son), Tess ("adoptive" daughter), Emma (daughter)