Lance is viewed as a villain in Book 1 of the Super Squad.

Name Lance
First Seen "The New Heroes" (1-11)
Origin Forest Dimention
Power(s) plant powers, control (create) plant goblins, teleporting
Alliance(s) Copy Cat


Lance is mean and cold-hearted. However, he obeys the orders he is given. He is proved to be an excellent fighter, but it is not known where he is from or who trained him. He tends to use leaves and vines while fighting. Lance carries three smoke bombs on his waist beneath his sash, and he uses them while fighting Inferno at the Bay Recreation Center.


Book 1Edit

Lance is first seen in the castle of Copy Cat receiving orders to capture the Phoenix Flame. He immediately departs for Sunshine City and he ambushes the party. Lance summons his forest creatures and attacks Inferno. He easily defeats Inferno and discovers he (Inferno) must wield the Phoenix Flame.

At the end of the fight, Lance retreats and calls upon his forest goblins. He then uses his teleporting powers to disappear  It is assumed that after he teleports, he reports his findings back to Copy Cat. However this is unknown because this is the only chapter he's seen in.


  • Lance is believed to be the first villain and person from the Forest Dimesion
  • Lance is the first named villain
  • Lance is the first minor villian of the series
  • Lance is the first villain the Super Squad must defeat, but only Inferno fights him