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Chapter Name New Heroes
Chapter Number 1-11
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Next Chapter Raiders of Sunshine City

New Heroes is the first chapter in Book 1 and the first chapter in the entire series of "The Super Squad


The chapter begins at an unknown time, and place with an unknown character dreading leaving his home. The unknown  character's daughter walks up to him and asks for him to read her a bedtime story. The man takes his daughter up to her bedroom and she choses a book for him to read. The daughter chooses the book "The Super Squad" and the man decides to read it to her. The unknown man is narrating the story...

The book opens up in a dark, dreary castle. There is a dark and mysterious woman talking to what appears to be someone below her. The young man's name is Lance and the woman tells him to go to a certain area to destroy this new found energy. The woman seems to be after the power of "The Phoenix Flame". Lance departs for the area.

The setting switches to a metropolis in California called Sunshine City. There, the main characters are introduced as being seventh graders who have just completed their school year. Everyone in school seems to be talking about a kid named Aquais' birhtday party. When the final bell rings, all the children race to the Bay Recreation Center, a large rec center run by Aquais' parents.

About half way through the party, a flaming creature immerges from the flames of the birthday candles. While everyone else in is awe, Lance arrives with several forest creatures. In all the chaos, the main characters (Ace, Roxy, Will, and Aquais) are left with the flaming creature to fight Lance and his forest creatures.

As the battle continues, the main characters discover that each of them have extraordinary powers. The flaming creature is hurt badly during the battle, but Roxy aids him. A little while later, after Mr. Bay yells at the teens for destroying his rec center, the team of new hereos meet at their tree house and bring the flaming creature. The find out that the creature speaks only Latin (but understands English), his name is Inferno, and he is from Mt. Vesuvious. After the days events, the children, except Inferno, return home.

  • Aquais has a dream about a mermaid (Queen Aquamarine) telling him to come home

Main EventsEdit

  • Ace, Roxy, Will, Aquais, and Inferno are introduced as main characters
  • Most of them discover they have new powers ( Ace-cosmic energy, Roxy-earth, Will-morphing, Aquais-water)
  • Lance is introduced as a villain
  • The "Phoenix Flame" is introduced
  • Queen Aquamarine is seen, but not name, for the first time



New Heroes

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