The Oceans and Sea Dimension is the area in which the Art of Water is prominent.


Not much is known about the Oceans and Sea Dimension. Except for the city of Atlantis.


Atlantis is the capital of the Oceans and Sea Dimesion. It is completely underwater. The only known way to enter this city is through a portal that links Earth to Atlantis (through the Galapagos Islands), but most likely, there are more ways to get into the city. The city is based on a large rock on the bottom of the ocean. Atlantis apprears to resemble an ancient Greek polis, as said in "The Underwater City" (11-11).

At the top of the city is a large palace, in which the rulers dwell and rule from. The caste appears to have many towers and is built of gold entirely. In "The Underwater City" it is shown that the palace is easily acceable by merpeople and fish (they are seen swiming in and out of the castle). In the center is a massive throne room.


The citizens of the Oceans and Sea Dimension are merpeople. Both mermaids and mermen both seem to be considered as equals in the dimension. They are all kind-hearted and they seem to be civillized and well managed. They have organized shopping, residential homes, and games outside Atlantis. They all enjoy it when the king and queen of their dimesion rides through the city.

The citizens of the Oceans and Sea Dimension also love the color blue. The major cause of this is most likely the fact that water is typicaly blue. Aquais and Madame Vaporine both wear the color blue and their powers are also blue.

The type of goverment of the Oceans and Sea Dimension is a monarchy. The current rulers are King Oceanus and Queen Aquamarine. They overule the city of Atlantis and the entire dimension. They are very kind and compassionate. The descendents of the king and queen are Emma, Aquais, and the unborn child.

In the seriesEdit

The Oceans and Sea Dimension, as well as the other dimensions, is one of the settings in the series as well as Aquais' home.

Book 1Edit

In Book 1, Aquais visits Atlantis along with the rest of the Super Squad. This is the first time that the dimension is seen. Here, Aquais meets his birth parents, and unfortunetly reunites with his two sisters. 

Notable Heroes (Heroines)Edit

  • Aquais
  • Madame Vaporine
  • Emma
  • Tess
  • King Oceanus
  • Queen Aquamarine