Raiders of Sunshine City is the second chapter of Book 1 of "The Super Squad"

Chapter  Information
Chapter Name Raiders of Sunshine City
Chapter Number 2-11
Previous Chapter New Heroes
Next Chapter Steamy Swamps and Vicious Volcanoes


The chapter opens up when Inferno wakes up in the club hosue. He breifly forgets where he is, and then he later atemps to fly away from Sunshine City. Awaking at the same time, Aquais walks out of his house and goes down to the beach. After a few minutes he is suddenly attack by a cannonball and is knocked out. Meanwhile, as Inferno is leaving the city, a shock wave from a cannonball knocks him out of the sky and into Roxy's backyard. The two of them gather the rest of the team (Ace and Will ) and they meet in front of Ace's hosue.

The team soon finds out from Aquais that the city is being raided by pirates. They split up and defend their city. During the fight, Will gains a new power, Robot Guy. The team fights hard, but they are later knocked out by a mysterious dark man (Captain Xavier). The team is placed in cages and sent to be delivered to Timeville. Lucky for them, Will unlocks Desguise Guy and he frees the team. They all decide to head towards Timeville after packing up some gear.

  • Copy Cat talks to Captain Xavier and fires him. Then she calls for her girl team to stop the Super Squad.

Main Events

  • Sunshine City is raided by pirates
  • The team meets Captain Xavier and the Pirates of the Galapagos
  • Last time Sunshine City is seen