Roy is viewed as a villain in Book 1 of The Super Squad


Roy is described as having blonde hair, green eyes, and orange freckles. He wears a red polo with maroon scrubs, assumed to be part of the Timeville Service Crew.



First Seen Welcome to Timeville
Origin Timeville
Power(s) -none-
Alliance(s) Mayor Tempus


Book 1Edit

Roy is first seen to be the tour guide for the Super Squad as they venture through Timeville. He seems to have a crush on Roxy because he always smiles at her. He is a very good tour guide and really good at pretending to be on the good side of things.

Later in the book it is discovered that Roy is evil and actually works for Mayor Tempus. He brings the Super Squad to the top of Timeville Tower to have them kidnapped by masked figures. It is unknown what happens to Roy after he leaves the top of the tower.