The Space and Time Dimension is the area in which the Arts of Space and Cosmic Energy are prominent.


Not a lot is known about the Space and Time Dimension. There are only a few known facts about this dimension. The youngest heir to the ruler of the dimension (Ace ) can acually control the time-space continuum, as said in 8-11. With this small, but crucial, information, we can infer that the Space and Time Dimension plays an important role in the Cosmos Universe.


Based on Ace and Master Cosmai, the people of the Space and Time Dimension are asssumed to like or favor the color purple. Both Ace and Cosmai wear purple and their powers are mainly purple. Also leadership seems to be another common trait of people of the Space and Time Dimension because both Master Cosmai and Ace are leaders of their teams.

In the seriesEdit

Book 1Edit


Notable Heroes (Heroines)Edit

  • Ace
  • Master Cosmai