Super Form is one of the many levels of heroes or heroines. It is the first form of a hero, and it was first seen in Book 1.

Previous Form: -none-

Next Form: Super-Charge


Super Form is the first form a hero or heroine can earn. This transformation gives the hero a new power-up. It strengthens the hero's power by increasing his or her attack and defense.


For a hero (or heroine) to earn their Super Form they must understand what the "secret" of their own power. They have to explain the virtues that are involved in controlling their Art form. Once they have understood their power, they can at any moment transform into their Super Form.

  • This is by far the easiest form to obtain


Super Form is a very basic hero level, and it varies from hero to hero. But the outfit tends to have a top and bottom piece to it with the exception of Aquais who has a full body suit.

Ace- his body completely changes into a view of the night sky

Roxy- she wears a sparkly pink top along and a blue and pink skirt. She has arm bands and high heeled boots

Aquais- he wears a body suit with a thundercloud in the center

Inferno- he wears a T-shirt and shorts

Power AbilitiesEdit

Ace: Meteorite Power (the ability to control and summon meteorites)

Roxy: Sandstorm Power (the ability to control and withstand sand)

Aquais: Precipitation Power (the ability to create and control the forms of precipitation)

Inferno: Incineration Power (the ability to set fire; strengthens the user's power)

Ways of Earning Super FormEdit

Ace: explaining that the Art of Space is about leadership and sacrifice

Roxy: explaing that the Art of Earth is about courage and willpower

Aquais: explaing that the Art of Water is about connections and free-flowing

Inferno: explained that the Art of Fire is about guiding others in the right path

Known Super HeroesEdit

  • Ace
  • Aquais
  • Inferno
  • Roxy
  • Sorceress Coloerien (assumed)
  • Master Cosmai (assumed)
  • Mistress Ember (assumed)
  • Empress Terraina (assumed)
  • Madame Vaporine (assumed)


  • Will Guy is the only person in the Super Squad that does not achieve this rank due to his multiple powers
  • He instead gets Shadow Form
  • The orgin of the name of this form was based off the typical name for someone with "super" powers AKA a super hero, however, in The Super Squad this means the first level of a hero (Chapter 6-11)