The Technology and Element Dimension is were the Art of Technology and any minor powers are prominent.


There isn't much information about this dimension. The only known person that is from this dimension is Sorceress Colorein.

However, from its name and Colorein it is infered that the Technology and Element Dimension is very technilogical.


The citizens of this dimension are assumed to be rather smart. Also it is beleived this dimension is very well-rounded. Because it is the home to all the minor Arts that don't have their own dimensions, it is also believed that this would be the largest dimension.

People of this dimension also love the color green. This is most likely due to the fact that electricity is linked to the color green. Both Sorceress Colorein.

Will Guy?Edit

It is questionable if Will is from this dimension. He seems to have all the requirments to be part of this dimension.

  • He wears the color green a lot
  • He can transform into multiple creatures each with diffrent powers (minor Arts/Elements)
  • He uses Robot Guy a lot (Technology)
  • He is very smart and he can build and fix any technological gadget (Technology)

In the seriesEdit

Book 1Edit


Notable Heroes (Heroines)Edit

  • Sorceress Colorerein
  • Will Guy?