The Pirates of the Galapagos are viewed as villains in Book 1 of the Super Squad


All of the pirates of the Galapagos are your typical pirates with beards and ragged clothing. They all are shown to be illiterate and not that well educated. They all follow their captain, Captain Xavier.

The pirates are very good at their jobs because in "Captain Xavier" (12-11) they completely take over an entire cruise ship and they hide all evidence of it. They all fight very strongly against the Super Squad, given none of them have powers.

Name Pirates of the Galapagos
First Seen Raiders of Sunshine City
Origin The Galapagos Islands
Power(s) -none- (piracy, swordsmanship)
Alliance(s) Captain Xavier


Book 1Edit

The Pirates of the Galapagos are first seen in the second chapter of the series. They are sent to raid Sunshine City in an attempt to capture the Super Squad. They all fight to the best of their ability, but the Super Squad, mainly Ace and Aquais, take them out with their powers. However, Captain Xavier appears and the tables are turned. He manages to single-handedly paralyze the entire Super Squad and place them all in cages to be sent to Timeville.

The second appearance of these pirates is in "Captain Xavier" (12-11). The pirates take over an entire cruise ship and dress as fake sailors. During the cruise, some of the pirates give hints that the cruise ship is really a scam. The Super Squad finds out and tries to stop them. Captain Xavier almost defeats the team of heroes, but is stopped by Aquais. The pirate crew comes to aid Xavier, but they are defeated in a matter of seconds.