Trouble in Timeville Part 1: Tick Tock- Goes the Clock is the seventh episode of Season 1

Episode Information
Episode Name Trouble in Timeville Part 1
Episode Number 7
Previous Episode Dreams in Timeville
Next Episode Trouble in Timeville Part 2


The Super Squad is captured by Mayor Tempus. He explains his plans on how he's going t otake over Timeville. He steals Ace's time powers and he realeses creatures of diffrent times all over the city. Once Ace is freed, the team go and stop Tempus. Ace gets his time powers back and Tempus falls to his death. Timeville is saved from evil.

Major EventsEdit

  • Timeville is attacked for the first time
  • Mayor Tempus is revealed to be evil
  • Mayor Tmepus dies
  • Ace now realizes he has Time powers

New CharactersEdit