William (later called Will Guy) is one of the members of the Super Squad.


Will Guy is a very technological person who knows a lot about various types of technology. This is mainly expressed through the tech-watch that he builds on his own that functions like, if not better than, a computer! Will uses high vocabulary and he tends to resort to logic to solve his problems.

Despite his love for technology, Will Guy is a very caring person who loves to hang out with his friends. He is especially good friends with Ace.

Full Name William Stevens
Power(s) see Will Guy's 20 Creatures
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Nationality(ies) Irish
Hometown Sunshine City, CA
Birthplace unknown
Alliances Super Squad
Relationships Sally (sister)

In the SeriesEdit

Book 1Edit

Will Guy's multiple creature transformations helped the team in various ways throughout the book. Such as when he desguised himself as a pirate to free the team from their cages (Raiders of Sunshine City 2-11) or when he used his running crature (Fast Guy) to demeterialize the torando raging through Timeville (Disaster Master 9-11). Will Guy's technological knowledge and his tech watch have also been helpful. And example was when he changed the team's flight to Athens using his tech-watch (The Islanders 13-11).