Will Guy's 20 Creatures are Will's 20 diffrent forms that allow him to use diffrent powers via his hat. Each creature has a diffrent power. Currently Will Guy has to transform from his human state into a creature (ex-he can't simply change from Fast Guy to Strong Guy without transforming into Will).

For Will Guy to use his various creatures he tends to pulled down his hat further down his head and say 'All right ___Guy.' or 'All right, let's go!'.

The following is a list of the creatures that Will Guy can transform into in order of apperance:

  1. Plant Guy
  2. Strong Guy
  3. Robot Guy
  4. Desguise Guy
  5. Fly Guy
  6. Fire Guy
  7. Cash Guy
  8. Eating Guy
  9. Fast Guy
  10. Shadow Guy
  11. Clock Guy
  12. Water Guy
  13. Chameleon Guy
  14. (Rock Guy- not seen yet)

Will Guy tends to use Robot Guy the most out of all of them. The main reson is most likelt the fact that he is really smart and uses technology to his advantage.


Cash Guy- has the ability to create any amount of money in any currency

Clock Guy- assumed to have the powers of time (unknown)

Chameleon Guy- has the ability to blend into any enviornment

Desguise Guy- has the ability to 'desguise' himself or others into other people using magic silly string

Eating Guy- has the ability to suck or eat anything at speeds up to 80 mph

Fast Guy- has the ability to run at the speed of sound

Fire Guy- has the ability to create fire and shot it at targets, control flames

Fly Guy- has the ability to spy on other people without being noticed, flying

Plant Guy- has the ability to control plants

Robot Guy- has the ability to control electronic devices. transform into electronics, control electricity

Rock Guy- assumed to have the ability to control rocks

Shadow Guy- has the ability to control the shadows, create darkness

Strong Guy- has the ability to lift anything up to 5 tons

Water Guy- has the ability to control water